Asia Smart City Alliance (ASCA)

The Asia Smart City Alliance (ASCA) is a platform for cities, governments, private companies, and international institutions, and academics active in the field of smart city development in Asia to share knowledge and continue discussions.

The Alliance was established in response to the Yokohama Declaration announced at the 4th Asia Smart City Conference (ASCC) in 2016. In coalition with the annual Asia Smart City Conference (ASCC), cities present their urban issues and visions for growth, while private companies and academic institutions propose innovative solutions for urban issues and international organizations suggest measures and examples of potential initiatives to support these efforts, with the aim of sharing a wide range of information. Additionally, by matching the attending stakeholders, we promote the creation of opportunities for overseas infrastructure businesses. If you are interested in participating in this Alliance, please feel free to contact us.

We are also sharing knowledge via the ASCA’s Facebook and LinkedIn

Asia Smart City Alliance Official Facebook Management Policy

Asia Smart City Alliance (ASCA), City of Yokohama Official LinkedIn Management Policy

The 4th Asia Smart City Conference “Yokohama Declaration” (excerpt)

The cities and the other supporting agencies in this Asia Smart City Conference declare to form an Asia Smart City Alliance. This Alliance will enable members to link with one another to play active roles in contributing to smart sustainable development in Asia.

Asia Smart City Alliance (ASCA) Secretariat(Development Cooperation Division, International Affairs Bureau, City of Yokohama)

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