Innovative Urban Solutions by Yokohama

Co-creating Innovative Urban Solutions with YOKOHAMA

To solve urban issues in cities in emerging economies, it is essential to co-create innovative solutions with those concerned on city management in these cities. YOKOHAMA is ready to provide this type of support through translating our own city management expertise and adapt them in emerging economy situation and also present cutting-edge technologies and solutions of private sector.

Holistic Approach

This scheme will provide a prototype concept for these smart urban solutions provided to cities in emerging economies by the City of Yokohama and private firms. The target areas are: (1)waste separation and recycling promotion, (2)wastewater treatment systems, (3)green buildings and factories, (4)smart energy management, (5)efficient mobility, and (6)disaster risk reduction. We believe that with further refinement (so-called “translational adaptation”) based on respective local social, economic, and financial conditions, these prototypes can serve as ”best available” integrated infrastructure packages.