Asia Smart City Alliance Official Facebook Management Policy

Designated on April 1st, 2016
Amended on October 18th, 2017
April 9th, 2021

1 Management

(1) Facebook URL

(2) Information provider

Development Cooperation Division, International Affairs Bureau, City of Yokohama and contractor(s) appointed by City of Yokohama.

(3) Content of information

The Facebook provides relevant information related to Yokohama on various topics including the Y-PORT program and sustainable development such as smart cities.

(4) Person in charge

Director of the Development Cooperation Division, International Affairs Bureau, City of Yokohama

2 Management of comments

(1) How posted comments will be managed

We can reply to comments posted to the account depending on the contents and utilize the Facebook page as a discussion platform with the participants. Depending on the topics, we may guide the participants to share their opinions and suggestions for the City of Yokohama and Ward Administration Promotion Divisions as “suggestions from residents” via email, fax, mail, and online submission form. (About “suggestions from residents” )

(2) Hiding and deleting comments

The Facebook page is managed by the Development Cooperation Division, International Affairs Bureau, City of Yokohama. We may hide or delete comments that are not related to our information or the following types of comments without the poster’s consent:

  1. Comments that violate or have a possibility to violate laws or regulations.
  2. Comments that go against public order and morals.
  3. Comments with motives related to political or religious activities.
  4. Comments that promote criminal activities.
  5. Comments that are discriminative or promote discrimination based on race, ideology, belief, etc.
  6. Comments that defame particular individuals, corporations, organizations, etc., or harms their reputation or credibility.
  7. Comments that invade someone’s privacy by identifying, disclosing, leaking, etc. their personal information without the person’s permission.
  8. Comments that violate Yokohama’s or a third party’s patents, design rights, copyrights, trademark rights, publicity rights, etc.
  9. Comments for the purpose of profit, such as those containing advertising, solicitations, or business activities.
  10. Comments impersonating other users or third parties.
  11. Comments that are false or significantly different from the truth and are mere rumor or strengthen a rumor.
  12. Comments that contain the same content and are repeatedly posted by the same user.
  13. Comments that contain malicious programs etc.
  14. Comments that include obscene expressions etc.
  15. Comments that contain a partially or totally falsified version of the information we provide.
  16. Comments that are may go against the Facebook terms of use.
  17. Comments that include information that the City of Yokohama finds inappropriate, and links etc. including such information.

(3) Account blocking

We may block an account if the user posts a comment as described in 2 (2) above, provides false personal information, or uses another person’s account without permission by violating the Facebook terms of use.

(4) We may use the direct message function when necessary but generally will not reply to messages as a rule.

3 Intellectual property rights

(1) You cannot repost etc. the information provided on the Facebook page without the City of Yokohama’s permission, except for legal uses permitted by copyright law, such as personal use, citation, etc. When you cite the page, make sure to indicate the source in an appropriate way.

(2) The copyright etc. of comments etc. will belong to the poster. However, once the material is posted on the page, we deem that the poster has given permission to the City of Yokohama to use the material anywhere in the world for free on a non-exclusive basis, and that the poster agrees that they will not exercise the copyright etc. against the City of Yokohama.

4 Disclaimers

(1) We do our best to check the accuracy of the information we provide on the Facebook page. However, the City of Yokohama will take no responsibility for any user’s acts based on the information we provide on the page.

(2) The City of Yokohama will take no responsibility for trouble or damage caused between users and third parties based on the information provided on the page.

(3) The City of Yokohama will take no responsibility for comments etc. about the page posted by users.

(4) The City of Yokohama will take no responsibility for any kind of damage caused in relation to the page.

5 Personal information

We will appropriately gather, use, and manage personal information on the Facebook page based on The City of Yokohama’s Personal Information Protection Ordinance as follows and make continued efforts to ensure that users may use our page safely and comfortably.

(1) We regard personal information as the information gathered through the usage of the page by which we can identify the person.

(2) When we gather personal information through the page, the information in principle must be provided by the user. When we gather personal information, we identify and specify the purpose of use.  We gather personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the specific purpose of use.

(3) We use the gathered personal information to the extent of the previously specified purpose of use. We will only use or provide personal information for the specified purpose of use except in cases where it is specifically allowed by the City of Yokohama Personal Information Protection Ordinance, such as when there is a user’s permission.

(4) We will strictly manage the gathered personal information and take swift action in cases of actual or threatened leakage, misappropriation, etc. of the information.

6 Changing management policy

We may change the management policy of the Facebook page without notice.

7 Closing the Facebook page

We may close or delete the Facebook page without notice.