This introduces Y-PORT Projects with comments of experts. (2021)

Yokohama’s International Cooperation

This introduces Yokohama’s International Cooperation through Y-PORT Projects. (2020)

Urban Smart Solutions for Asia –FutureCity Yokohama Shares Its Expertise-

This introduces Y-PORT Project’s efforts to date and the functions of Y-PORT Center (2017).

Building a Global Model of Sustainable City Management

(Copyright Japan International Cooperation Agency)

This introduces Yokohama’s history in terms of its urban development and its strengths (2014).

The 8th Asia Smart City Conference

This is a record of the 8th Asia Smart City Conference (ASCC) hosted by the City of Yokohama (2019).

Yokohama’s Urban Development Policies

This introduces Yokohama’s urban development measures in 7 fields: urban development, environment, water supply and sewage, waste processing, low-carbon town development, ports, and roads. It was created for the 50th Asian Development Bank (ADB) Annual Meeting (2017).

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