Waste Management

Waste Separation and Recycling Promotion

Urban Solution Map of Yokohama based Technologies (Solid Waste Management)

Urban Issues

In many cities in emerging economies, waste is being disposed of in final disposal sites with minimum separation, which leads to short life span of sites. Fostering consensus among local authorities and citizens concerning waste separation is an important first step and citizens’ awareness towards environment causes and waste reduction through separation at the source need to be raised.

Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)

Promoting waste separation at the source, recovering valuable materials through recycling, and producing fuel from waste in intermediate treatment facilities will lead into establishing vein industries in the solid waste management sector.

Yokohama is constantly improving its waste reduction schemes by working together with its citizens and business sector. Through the "Yokohama G30 Plan”, substantial waste reduction was achieved. The following scheme, the "Yokohama 3R Dream Plan", focuses on reducing production of waste. Yokohama’s 4 Recyclable Resources Separation Centers not only separate recyclable waste, but also offer citizens facility tours as well as classes on recycling and activities to raise awareness on the importance of recycling. Waste that cannot be recycled is treated at the Waste to Energy (WtE) incineration plant, where waste is used to efficiently produce energy and further reduce waste volume with minimum emissions.

Concept for Waste Management Projects <Transition to sustainable waste management>

Urban Issues and Proposed Solutions

The local governments of Metro Cebu, the Philippines are invoking a slogan“Let’s dispose the way of thinking of landfilling garbage into landfill sites”.

The City of Yokohama has responded urban issues through international cooperation with the local governments and by integrating technologies of private sector firms and City’s expertise towards promotion of sustainable solid waste management.

• Clear goal setting and planning for sustainable solid waste management • Proper budgeting and staffing arrangement • Local community involvement for segregation at the source • Introducing recycling technologies (refer to the column below) • Management system for efficient waste collection • Introducing Waste to Energy plants


Waste Plastics Recycling Plant in Metro Cebu, Philippines

GUUN Co., Ltd. (based in Yokohama) conducted feasibility studies and demonstration projects (JICA projects) since 2012 in collaboration with the City of Yokohama, and opened a waste plastic recycling plant in May 2017. This plant manufactures fluff fuel from collected waste plastic, which is mainly used by cement companies. By accepting household waste plastic in addition to industrial waste, the plant contributes to further reducing the amount of solid wastes delivered to landfill. The City is proposing to municipalities to co-create and to establish efficient institutional framework towards this end.