Energy Management

Smart Energy Management in Urban Areas and Communities

Urban Issues

In many cities in emerging economies, following a wave of rapid industrialization, power consumption and the cost of electricity have increased in recent years. Therefore, it is necessary to create efficient power supply and energy consumption mechanisms.

Energy Management System at Community Level

Recently, technological innovations and pilot application are being conducted to build energy management systems (EMS) at community level and facilities.

EMS is a system that aims at improving the efficiency of electrical supply and power saving through provision of power usage tracking capabilities, and a comprehensive management system for power generating equipment.

Demonstration projects are also being conducted in Japan to develop new power grid technologies called “digital grid”, using internet architecture.

Yokohama Smart City Project(YSCP) The City of Yokohama and 34 companies including energy-related companies, electric manufacturers, and construction companies collaborated to introduce systems for optimizing the balance of energy supply and demand in urban areas. The Yokohama Smart Business Association (YSBA) was established to realize energy efficient city based on YSCP.