Urban Development

Urban Development
  • Takenaka Corporation

    As a “integrated engineering firm for urban creation”, we are making groupwide efforts in the field of urban creation to build a sustainable society.
    1. Planning, design, and construction of architectural works.
    2. Engineering and management services for construction, regional and urban development.
    We have participated in planning, design and construction of numerous urban redevelopment projects, including projects in metropolitan district in Tokyo, the Nagoya station area, and Umeda, Nakanoshima and Abeno in Osaka. Contributions made through our various urban creation activities also include enhancement of competitive capabilities in international arenas, improvement of safety and security, symbiosis with the environment, and solutions for a variety of other problems and needs facing cities today.
    Major construction works; Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo Dome City, Global Gate, Abeno Harukas, Yokohama Arena, City of Yokohama New Government Building, Pacifico Yokohama, etc.
    Our international operations began in 1960, and our network now spreads around the world. We have participated in a diverse range of projects in support of our customers, which include Japanese business launching overseas operations and public institutions in various countries as well as local business enterprises developing projects across a wide spectrum from airports to high rise-office buildings, hotels, manufacturing plants and museums.
    This year marks the 46th year since Takenaka opened the offices in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. In Malaysia, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of our office opening in 2020. Some 150 expat employees have been assigned to China and other Asian countries along with the support of roughly 1,700 local employees.
    Major construction works; Changi Airport Terminal 4 (Singapore, 2017), AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City (Indonesia 2017), National Gallery Singapore (Singapore 2015) etc.
  • Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

    Insurance, senior day care, health care business and a wide range of other business with the key phrase “safe, secure, and healthy”.
    As for the field of smart city, we do a lot of mobility related businesses (auto driving, car-sharing, my car leasing, parking lot sharing, MaaS insurance, etc.) and cyber security businesses.
    Mobility related business strategic investment:
    Auto driving (Feb 2019)
    Car-sharing (April 2019)
    May car leasing (June 2019)
    Parking lot sharing (Oct 2019)
    We also participate in the assessment of multiple auto draining demonstration projects
    On-demand installation support of public transport
    Streamlined services from cyber security diagnosis to security enhancement and insurance.
    Our network covers 32 countries and 228 cities in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa. Asia, mid and South America, and Oceania.
    Currently, we have as many as 8,500 associates for our insurance business, tackling incidents, risk engineering services.
  • NEC Corporation

    Contribute to realize a safe, secure, efficient, and fair society and solve social issues utilizing new technologies such as AI, IoT, 5G.
    * Biometric solution for the overseas market, software, service, large power storage system and many others for service providers on the global market.
    * Social public and fundamental business to provide social infrastructure & IT system for national government, bureau, local government, public organizations, including mission critical system
    * Enterprise business to create new values for the entire value chain providing IT solution for public demands as in manufacturers, logistics, services business, and the financial sectors.
    * Telecom career to provide application services, foundation system and many others for communications service providers ‘ networking devices and application management.
    With actual smart city achievements in the following local governments- Takamatsu City, Toyama City, Shirahama-Cho (Nanki Shirahama), Aso City, Kakogawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Okinawa Prefecture
    Works: Takamatsu city,Japan(Japanese)https://jpn.nec.com/smartcity/case/takamatsu.html
    Works: Nanki-shirahama,Japan(Japanese)https://jpn.nec.com/biometrics/face/shirahama-iot/
    We are particular experienced and with actual achievement in telecom career business and system platform business.
    For instance, we provide microwave communication system as networking devices for communication service providers. Pasolink has actual achievements of business in 153 countries in world. Furthermore, we have local corporations and thus rooted activities in Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. We do have a well-built system for our business activities.
    Regarding smart city, we have the following experience
    *Spain, Santander City ⇒data collection and analysis foundation with a data platform, enhancement of waste collection service using sensors and data.
    *Spain Cordoba province ⇒ waste management, incident management, facility and asset management system, instant data collection and analysis foundation, open data foundation, online portal for the communication between government and the public, etc.
    *Portugal Lisbon City ⇒ instant data collection, analysis foundation, integration of 40 existing systems
    Regarding disaster prevention, we have works in Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.
    Works: Lisbon,Portugal(English) https://www.nec.com/en/case/lisbon_council/index.html
    Works: Santander,Spain(English) https://www.nec.com/en/press/201405/global_20140507_01.html

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