City Management and Others

City Management and Others
  • Carbon Free Consulting

    * Environmental consultation:
    – Environmental management consultation
    – Carbon offset consultation
    – Environmental Business & project development
    Overseas Support Business:
    – Small to medium sized enterprise overseas development assistance
    Leading environmental consultancy firm in Japan:
    We assist clients in formulating environmental management strategies including TCFD and SBT compliance and Scope 1 to 3 emissions calculations.
    We are one of the most experienced firms in Japan regarding carbon-offset transactions, contributing towards solving environmental issues and assisting the growth of our clients.
    Provided overseas development assistance to 50 companies over the past 10 years:
    We support overseas business development of our clients through leveraging our expertise in overseas development projects sponsored by the public sector, with a focus on sectors such as environment/climate change, water treatment, waste treatment, medicine/health, and agriculture.
    We assisted over 50 companies over the past 10 years under the JICA small to medium sized enterprises overseas development assistance scheme.
    Below is a list of our achievements in different regions (target country and field).
    South east Asia
    ・The Philippines- waste treatment and disaster prevention
    ・Laos- agriculture, waste treatment
    ・Indonesia- environment & energy, waste treatment
    ・Vietnam- Agriculture
    ・Thailand- Medicine and welfare
    ・Cambodia- environment & energy
    Mid & South America
    ・Peru- water treatment
    ・Brazil- waste treatment, water treatment
    ・Mexico- environment & energy
    ・Kenya- waste treatment
    ・Mozambique- environment & energy
    ・Cote d’Ivoire- environment & energy
    ・Georgia- waste treatment
    ・Samoa- water treatment
    ・New Guinea- water treatment
  • Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.

    Nippon Koei is the oldest independent consulting firm in Japan. We have been providing consulting services for economic development projects since 1946. For 70 years, Nippon Koei has worked on over 5,500 multi-disciplinary infrastructure projects in 160 countries all over the world.
    With operating bases in all 47 prefectures of Japan, we are engaged in the development and maintenance of waterways, roads and other social infrastructure, and regional development projects that enhance safety and quality of life. Orders from the national government and local governments account for most of the sales in this business.
    The Nippon Koei Group conducts many projects to support the growth of developing countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle and Near East, Latin America and other regions.
    Projects encompass a wide range of fields, including water resources and waterways, energy, urban and regional development, transportation, agricultural and rural development, and environmental management.
    ・Infrastructure Design of New Clark City (smart city), Philippines
    ・Renewable Energy Development Project, Georgia
    ・Ho Chi Minh City MRT Project, Vietnam
    ・Introduction of ITS on Road Network in Hyderabad Metropolitan Area, India
    ・Integrated Water Resources Management Project, Macedonia
    ・Project for Institutional Capacity Development on Nation-wide Solid Waste Management, Dominican Republic etc.
    Contribution to SDGs
    Throughout the world, emerging countries and developed countries alike are striving for zero emissions and the construction of smart cities to achieve sustainable societies. Nippon Koei Group is also contributing to the attainment of all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.
    ・We contribute to the development of social and economic infrastructure.
    ・We engage in developing local industries that utilize infrastructure, and in technology transfer to local engineers.
    ・We improve and optimize methodologies related to environment conservation activities.
    ・We promote the development and use of clean energy.
    ・We provide services such as introduction of systems, development of frameworks, and sharing of knowledge to help develop the infrastructure for medical and educational systems.
  • Sansei World

  • The Bank of Yokohama,Ltd.

    Finance & banking
    As a regional financial in charge to back up the sustainable development of regional society, thus supporting the “rural area integrated strategies” stipulated by local government. In addition, promote and implement “Yokohama Bank 10-year project” continuously for the unique local future vision as the major person in charge.
    Overseas branches
    • Two branches- Shanghai, Singapore
    • Overseas local corporation- Indonesia (equity method affiliate)
    • Three representative offices- New York, Hong Kong, Bangkok
    • Overseas partnered bank consignment – Bangkok, Hanoi
  • Kiraboshi Consulting Co., Ltd.

    General Consulting Services
    Business Succession, Management Plan, IPO, Overseas Strategy
    Support of Set up of Subsidiary in ASEAN and Overseas Operation of Japanese Company by Kiraboshi in Vietnam, Kiraboshi in China, and Japanese Specialist, Philippine and Vietnam member in Head Office

    Design, production, and construction of comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly housing, “SEKISUI HEIM”, using the modular construction method that enables factory production of housing with the performance as designed.
    We started our housing business in 1971 and have supplied more than a total of 600,000 units, mainly custom-built detached houses. We have promoted the installation of HEMS *1, large-scale solar panels, and storage batteries, and the ZEH *2 ratio of our group’s new detached houses has reached 85% *3 by FY2020. We are also building resilient town communities with our rainwater infiltration tanks and earthquake-proof and durable lifeline pipes.
    *1 House energy management system
    *2 Net Zero Energy House
    *3 All over Japan except Hokkaido where there is a lot of snow
    In Thailand, we established a joint venture with Siam Cement Group in 2009. We have supplied a total of more than 1,000 units of “SCG HEIM”, mainly custom-built detached houses, some of which are low-rise apartments and townhouses, and houses with land for sale.
  • Aitec System Co.,Ltd

    Patents registered highest luminance in Industry today, more than 10 Million Lux is realized by combination of own leading edge technology of LED Light, Lens and Heat release system.
    Making visible by high illuminated LED along with scanned camera to capture images that we could not detect before. Great advantages on surface inspection on advanced technical industry such as semiconductor, glass and steel. By conducting Machine Vision, automated optical inspection, ratio of defects has significantly decreased.
    Our leading edge technology is highly evaluated among Semiconductor and LCD Panel industry especially in Taiwan and Korea.
    Highest Luminance LED in industry
    Patents registered in Japan testifies highest luminance LED Lightings for industrial use today over 10 million lux. Make it visible with Aitec System.
    <Technology features / advantages>
    ・Heavy duty brightest LED lights for Industry use over 30 years.
    ・Flexibility to customize upon request. 6 meter long seamless LED is ideal for long planner inspection.

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