City Management and Others

City Management and Others
  • Laboratory for Ecological Reconstruction Science

    1.Investigation, consultation, providence of Know-how, instruction, education about environmental issues.
    2.Environmental business and it’s instruction related to environmental technologies research, development, design, adjustment, and production.
    3.Related works about environmental protection laws, planning, analysis for efficient use of costs for the environment and economy.
    4.Design and consultation of environmental space (environmental lighting and music)
    We are a private research institute, doing collaborative innovative researches, development and projects with corporates, government, universities, and research institutes centering on our three business domain for environment innovation.

    Domain 1) research and development about environmental technologies
    * Innovative eco system development research to lighten burden to the environment.
    * Low carbon society development (smart grid, new energy, GHG management)development research
    * Formation and implementation of collaborative research and development projects
    * Environment and innovation policies and economic assessment way research

    Domain 2 environmental consultation and design
    * Plans of administration (national and local government) and environmental policies.
    * Environmental policy assessment and cost/ profit analysis
    * CSR/ SDGs/ ESG investment consultation
    * Environmental space design (environmental lighting and music)

    Domain 3 Environmental policy planning and advisory
    * Promotion and assistance of consortium policy planning and advisory
    * Policy assistance with participation of residents
    *Support for local environmental planning, activities, and environmental education
    * Investigation of the trends of environmental technologies and environmental policies of various countries (Europe, US, Asia)
    * Assistance to policy formation for a sustainable society (Asia)
    * Research about the technical strategies of carbon recycle law formation and CCUS in Asian region. (Asia)
    * Formation of environmental projects in Asian Pacific Economic Corporation (Asia)
    * Environmental technologies consultation for the realization of eco-city (China)
    Promotion and Penetration of clean energy in Asian areas (international financial institutes)
    * Collaborative research for environmental policies and policy assessment (universities and research institutes)
    * Investigation about environmental technologies open innovation (universities and research institutes)
    * WIPO-Green promotion and penetration (United nation WIPO & universities)
  • Carbon Free Consulting

    * Environmental consultation:
    – Carbon offset consultation
    – Environmental Business & project development
    Overseas Support Business:
    – Small to medium sized enterprise overseas development assistance
    Leading environmental consultancy firm in Japan: We are one of the most experienced firms in Japan regarding carbon-offset transactions, contributing towards solving environmental issues and assisting the growth of our clients.
    Provided overseas development assistance to 30 companies over the past five years:

    We support overseas business development of our clients through leveraging our expertise in overseas development projects sponsored by the public sector, with a focus on sectors such as environment/climate change, water treatment, waste treatment, medicine/health, and agriculture.
    We assisted over 30 companies in just five years under the JICA small to medium sized enterprises overseas development assistance scheme.
    Below is a list of our achievements in different regions (target country and field)

    South east Asia
    *The Philippines- waste treatment and disaster prevention
    *Laos- agriculture, waste treatment
    *Indonesia- environment, energy, waste treatment
    *Vietnam- Agriculture
    *Thailand- Medicine and welfare

    Mid & South America
    *Peru- water treatment
    *Brazil- waste treatment
    *Mexico- environment & energy

    ・Kenya- waste treatment
    ・Mozambique- environment & energy

    ・Georgia- waste treatment

    ・Samoa- water treatment
    ・New Guinea- water treatment
  • Seals Co., Ltd.

    LIFT business-
    Centering on production facilities, providing the optimal scheme for the trading infrastructural function of consultation, engineering, trading (purchase) and business (logistics/patent)
    SEALS provides the atheistic ONE-STOP SERVICE.
    * Solving issues of “facilities move for the adjustment of addition and extension” and “disposal and adjustment of facilities because of withdrawal and closure” of factories in and outside Japan
    ・* VMI service (arrangement/ payment service) , improve the materials preparation in and outside Japan.
    * Utilize costs and assets through second-hand item adjustment and idle facilities disposal in and outside Japan.
    * Solve the issues of lack of technicians and a low rag the frontline production line in factories.
    Domestically with LIFT business as achievements in Yokohama (headquarters), Osaka, Nagoya, Kyushu
    Overseas office- USA, Korea, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Poland, Australia the UK
    Overseas businesses are managed by SEVEN SEALS Co. Ltd. since 2020
  • The Bank of Yokohama,Ltd.

    Finance & banking
    As a regional financial in charge to back up the sustainable development of regional society, thus supporting the “rural area integrated strategies” stipulated by local government. In addition, promote and implement “Yokohama Bank 10-year project” continuously for the unique local future vision as the major person in charge.
    Overseas branches
    • Two branches- Shanghai, Singapore
    • Overseas local corporation- Indonesia (equity method affiliate)
    • Three representative offices- New York, Hong Kong, Bangkok
    • Overseas partnered bank consignment (2)- Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City

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