Water, Wastewater, and Sewage

Water, Wastewater, and Sewage
  • Suidou Technical Service Co., Ltd

    Various surveys related to water pipe leakage. We do the following operations as a nonrevenue water countermeasure business for overseas water utilities.
    • On-site leakage detection survey
    • Human capital development related to non-revenue water measures
    • Sales of leakage monitoring device and high-performance plastic meter
    On-site leakage detection survey of waterpipe business and public facilities in Japan.
    1 Vietnam
    • JICA grassroots technical cooperation through public & private partnership with Yokohama Waterworks Bureau Vietnam “safe water” supply project implementation
    • Human resources development work related to non-revenue water measures by Hue WACO
    2 India
    • As Bengaluru City Water Supply & Sewage Bureau (BWSSB) counter partner 2013-2014 JICA investigation project
    2015-2016 JICA promotion & demonstration project
    3 Upcoming MOU confirmation with local firms in India, Vietnam, and Taiwan.
    ・On-site leakage detection survey
    We are committed to finding leakage on-site by our clients. On the other words, clients are patients, and we are doctors. As a doctor sees a patient and find an illness, our excellent experts diagnose a pipeline or an area where leakage is suspected, and find hidden leakage. We diagnose more than 5,000 km of pipelines every year and detect a lot of invisible leakage. We can find hidden leakage not only in Japan but also abroad.
    ・ Human capital development related to non-revenue water measures
    We can transfer our technologies and methodologies to you by human resource training.
    We can also localize them for you. We have conducted the training in India and Vietnam and the number of participants is over 400.
    ・High-performance plastic meter
    This product is 1/3 lighter than conventional products. On the other hand, it has excellent durability because its body is made of super engineering plastic. It also prevents quality deterioration due to erosion and corrosion that occurs in metal cases. In addition, there is no need to worry about theft of metal parts. At last, we emphasize its high precision, the R160. Its high-precision measurement will contribute to the reduction of non-revenue water.
  • Maezawa Industries, Inc.

    Operating in the following areas in the water and environment sector.
    Water and sewage facilities, production, and sales of pipesʼ iron casting valve
    Environment plants)
    Design, manufacture, and installation of water, sewage facilities, equipment for sludge treatment facilities, and relay facilities
    Industrial water processing business)
    Planning and solution business for water demand (wastewater treatment, recycling, etc.) of private factories, etc.
    Biomass business)
    Proposing and constructing new energy systems to prevent global warming, constructing a recycling-oriented society.
    We are one of the few valve manufacturers that can design, cast, process, and assemble cast iron valves in an integrated manner. We design and manufacture large valves, special valve, and we have tracking record of valves in Japan and overseas. Besides, we also have developed our own technologies for water and sewage and provide engineering that meets with user demands, which are also used in water treatment by the private sector in food factories. We are working on biomass, plant delivery centering in dairy industry in Hokkaido as a new initiative.
    Our featured valves (which can adjust the flow rate and reduce cavitation that affects the maintenance of the inner pipe surface) have been used in more than 60 countries in ODA projects so far. We also conduct a NEDO demonstration survey (2014, 2020) on quality industrial water manufacturing technology in Thailand; we proceed with commercialization with local industrial park development firms.
    Efficient Waste Water Treatment: Dual Dissolved Oxygen (DO) control
    Achieve space and energy saving, high efficiency treatment by using vertical drum mixers.
    Technology features / advantages
    -Enhance treatment capacity by automatically controlling air volume and velocity of aeration
    -Achieve over 30% of energy-saving through using low power mixing motion and appropriate aeration volume by optimizing Dissolved Oxygen (DO) parameters.
    -Stable treatment: Stable formation of aerobic zone and anoxic zone enables advanced treatment for nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.

    Equipment for Wastewater treatment facilities such as Submersible Pumps, Blowers, Mixers, Aerators, Screens, etc.; Contributes to reducing environmental load with high-efficiency, high-passage Submersible Pumps, high-efficiency Blowers, Mixers, etc.
    Sewage and Wastewater treatment plant / Septic tank (Johkasou), Rainwater drainage facilities, etc.
    Dealing with over 55 countries in world mainly in ASEAN and North America.
    Equipment for realizing efficient and energy-saving Waste Water Treatment Facility Continue to be selected as the best partner in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of water treatment facilities by proposing optimum products such as submersible sewage pumps, aerators, mixers, blowers and screens which are indispensable in the process.
    Technology features / advantages
    -Submersible pump: Extensive impeller line up that have both solid passing capability and efficiency
    -Aerator: Saving maintenance by directly connecting motor without gear
    -Mixer: High efficiency submersible mixer and Vertical low-power mixer that achieve energysaving
    -Blower: Optimum line up from high efficiency, Low noise and submersed type

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  • T.K.K. Evolution Co., Ltd.

    We developed industrial technology using Japanese traditional technology of water reformation by minerals, and created water reformation equipment “THE BIOWATER”. By introducing the equipment, we are marketing “Magnetite Rust Method” for recovery of deteriorated water pipes and “NCSC Method” (Non Chemical Scale Control method) for solution of scale elimination in Domestic and overseas market.
    “Magnetite Rust Method” was registered in the NETIS (New Technology Information System) of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (registration number KT-160125-VR) in January 2017. Also, we won “Award of Excellence” at Yokohama Business Grand-Prix, “Encouragement Award at Kanagawa Industrial Navigation Awards” and “Excellent 100 Year Old Enterprise Award” by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
    112 Years in business since establishment, more than 3,000 construction results Many construction results using “Magnetite Rust Method” and “NCSC Method”.
    Magnetite Rust Method for water pipes was used for a Hotel in Mongol.
    Field Test of water pipes in an office building was carried out using Magnetite Rust Method in Singapore.
    Field Test for NCSC Method was done at a factory in Indonesia.
    Participated by invitation from Taiwanese government at Exhibition hosted by the government three times.
    Participated at Exhibition “SIWW” in Singapore
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFnxvfmXIVo (movie)
    https://youtu.be/25C4jYGkXKI (movie)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPVgxrRMT-U (movie)
    1. [“Magnetite Rust Method” by THE BIOWATER water reformation equipment]
    It is a technology to recover original pipe wall thickness for old deteriorated water pipes used for many years by changing inside water pipe walls from red rust to black rust.
    It applies Japanese traditional water reforming technology.
    – Deteriorated water pipe causing water leakage can be recovered and repaired by formation of black rust.
    – Lower cost and shorter repair period compared with conventional methods
    – NETIS (by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism, Japan) certified
    Patents granted in Japan, USA, EU, Singapore and Malaysia
    JWWA (Japan Water Works Association) certified
    2. [“NCSC Method” (Non Chemical Scale Control method) by THE BIOWATER water reformation equipment]
    Scales of calcium, silica and biofilm which adhere to the water pipes in heat exchange facilities in cooling towers and boilers, etc. in factories and commercial buildings, can be removed with this technology without using chemical agent.
    – Environment-friendly and No running cost, as chemical agent is not used.
    – Can save electricity
    – Patent granted in Japan
    3. [MTC Method: Unmanned automated cleaning method for wastewater tank]
    Patent applied in Japan
    ** Affiliated companies:
    T.K.K. Holdings
    T.K.K. Engineering

    Elbic Series HMB
    【Effective Aeration Device for Wastewater Treatment: HMBS(Hinode Microbubble System)】
    Promote dissolution of Oils, proteins, and sludge by supplying high concentration gas which include various effective Bacillus and Digestive enzyme
    Technology features / advantages
    -Maintenance-free: Enable to use in seawater, fresh water, and polluted water. Reduce troubles such as clogging pipes.
    -High versatility: Since it is connected to a pump and self-absorbs gas using a special ejector method, it can be installed either on land or underwater.
    -Energy-saving: Required area is small and power consumption can be reduced.
    -Stability: Provide stable microbubbles by using gas stabilizer (HMBSNEOSYSTEM “ELBIC”), it can save odor and sludge.
  • MURATA Keisokuki Service Co., Ltd.

    We provide consulting services that utilize an automatic monitoring system (AMS) for water and air quality. In the case of wastewater treatment facilities and factories in industrial parks, we measure water quality by AMS to identify pollution sources, optimize wastewater treatment based on data, propose countermeasures, and implement countermeasures. And, in order to maintain the improved condition, we will also carry out maintenance of measuring equipment, operation support of equipment, etc.
    MURATA Keisokuki Service was founded in 1972 in Yokohama.Our main businesses are (1) Environmental impact assessments, (2) Environmental survey / measurement, (3) Scientific analysis, (4) Maintenance of environment-related equipment, (5) Development of environment-related equipment, and (6) Various consulting services. We are engaged in business in the environmental field.Taking advantage of our experience in Japan, we are preparing to provide services for solving problems in Vietnam and other countries.
  • Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation

    AT-BC System: Technology for municipal sewerage and industrial organic wastewater. This system realizes high efficiency of activated sludge treatment and denitrification effect.
    ZLD Solution (HERO): Technology that complies with ZLD regulations for industrial wastewater. This system achieves a wastewater reuse rate of 95% and realizes a significant reduction in running costs.
    Ozone Generator(TGOGS®): Technolgy for Municipal water, sewage, and large industries wastewater treatment. Through research and development since the 1970s, we have achieved high efficiency, long life, and easy maintenance.
    Since 1972, Toshiba has contributed to the development of water and sewage systems in Japan as a supplier of electricity, monitoring & control, and instrumentation equipment. We are developing our business centered on equipment manufacturing, installation work and O&M for municipal water and sewage facilities.
    Since 2004, Toshiba has been involved in more than 1,000 overseas projects in 36 countries, centering on EPC and O&M for the construction of municipal water and sewage plant and private water treatment facilities. We propose optimal solutions for our customers in terms of quality, price, and after-maintenance services from our head office and bases in 8 overseas countries.
    【High efficiency and Energy-saving Waste Water Treatment System】
    Evolved “Activated Sludge Process” and “Rotating Biological Contactor Process”. It achieves efficient removal of BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), T-N (total nitrogen) etc. by growing Bacillus bacteria in the activated sludge tank and in the AT-BC system. It can save space at the new plants, and it can increase treatment capacity and realize highly efficient process at the existing plants.
    Technology features / advantages
    -Energy saving: 30-50% reduction of power consumption
    -Less excess sludge: 30% reduction of excess sludge
    -Small foot-print: 20-30% reduction of aeration tank capacity
    -Deodorizing effect: Absorption and dissolving odorous substances by Bacillus
    -Long-life design: Design for 10 years life expectancy
    -Recycling of treated excess sludge: Inhibit of plant pathogens by bacillus-dominated soil improvement material.
  • KANSEI Company

    Maintenance and operation management and consultation of public and private sector sewer pipes;
    ・Introduction and Development of New Technology
    Business related with drinking water,sewerage and house piping.
    Local Government Sewer O&M office,
    General contractor, and more.
    East Japan Railway Company, Tokyo Metro,
    Each building managers; Hotels, apartments, universities, industrial factories, and more.
    Participation in overseas exhibitions (Trenchless Asia, International Nordic, etc.)
    【Total maintenance of sewerage pipeline management】
    We carry out total maintenance that integrates surveys, cleaning, and repairs in pipeline facilities, and realizes optimal maintenance of the sewerage environment.
    Technology features / advantages
    -Survey: we choose an appropriate survey method based on the purpose of the survey, types of facility, and the conditions of work
    – Cleaning: we choose an appropriate cleaning method based on the types of the pipeline, sedimentation status, and the circumstance of work
    -Repair: we choose an appropriate repair method based on the accurate survey result

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