Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management
  • TAKEMATSU Co., Ltd

    Consultation & management for general & industrial waste collection, transport, and intermediate processing, waste recycling, paper recycling, food recycling, pig farming, general item distribution, office moving, metal recycle, demolition, secondhand products business, etc.
    Business partners) about 8,000 companies
    Industrial and general waste collection, transport, centering on Yokohama City
    Shinisogo Recycling Factory)
    Mixed waste) processing 100t per day
    Feeding Plant) Drying food remains in Yokohama City
    Maximally approx. 30t per day
    Torihama used paper recycling factory/ SRF ISOGO)
    Producing about 3,000t of used paper for paper factories per month.
    Sawara Eco Farm)
    Pig farming using the feed “Yokohama R feed” produced at the Shinisogo recycling factory and manufacturing fertilizer using the pig farming feces.
    Working with Da Nang City (Vietnam) as an upcoming overseas food recycle business at Y-PORT.
    Efficient waste collection and transportation
    -Monitoring locational information of waste collection vehicles using GPS in real time.
    -“Automatic weighing system” installed in waste collection vehicle to manage data on volume of waste discharged at each source.
    -Communication-type charge settlement system using a measuring instrument installed at a discharge source (reflected in the invoice) .
    -Data management using Tablet; managed data include volume of waste collected from a discharge source (client), locational information and relevant client information which is shared among collection vehicle drivers. * If collection route contains multiple clients, measuring instruments are installed at each client where as in-vehicle automatic weighing system is used for a single client route.
    [Technology features / advantages]
    -Optimization of waste collection and transportation based on real time information and data.
    -Reducing burdens of collection workers through using IoT.
  • JFE Engineering Corporation

    JFE Engineering is the comprehensive engineering arm of the JFE Group, and we have expanded its engineering business that underpins people’s lives and industries in the fields of energy and the environment, and social infrastructure by blending and evolving its technologies.
    Our core business is the construction of essential infrastructure, including waste-to-energy plants, water treatment plants and bridges. By focusing on these business fields, we propose integrated services that include business planning, and operating business covering from EPC to the operation and maintenance (O&M) stage.
    From various infrastructure design, establishment to maintenance, business operation throughout Japan. Proactively streamlined solutions of the development and operation of various plants in recent years.
    Starting with various construction of pipelines and plants in recent years based on quality technological capabilities cultivated over years in Japan, such as waste incineration power generation, water treatment plants, steel structures, etc. Great achievements in urban infrastructure in many overseas countries.
    Recent projects
    • Kanchpur, Meghna and Gumti 2nd Bridges (Bangladesh)
    • Yen Xa wastewater treatment plant (Hanoi, Vietnam)
    • Maynilad Paranaque sewage treatment plant (Manila, The Philippines)
    • Waste-to-Energy plant in Yangon City (Yangon, Myanmar)
    • Waste-to-Energy plant in Bac Ninh province (Bac Ninh, Vietnam), etc.
    Waste to Energy
    JFE engineering’s high-performance stocker incinerator is capable of considerable reducing environmental impact, efficiently recovering waste heat, and realizing high power generation.
    [Technology features / advantages]
    -The generation of CO and NOx is reduced, heat loss considerably reduced, and exhaust efficiency is increased
    -Reduce dioxins and NOx by achieving complete combustion of unburned gas
    -Realize stable combustion through mixing action by Hyper Grate system
  • GUUN Co., Ltd.

    • Wood waste recycling, waste plastic recycling
    • Integrated consultation about waste processing and recycling
    • Fuel supply stemmed from waste
    • Investigation for overseas waste processing and improvement of waste
    Processing power of the chip production facility= 369.36t/day (greatest in Kanagawa Prefecture), processing power of fluff production= 144t/day, and many other waste processing consultation.
    ・FS investigation and demonstration projects related to plastic waste recycling in Cebu City, Philippines (JICA, 2012-2015)
    ・Construction of a waste plastic recycling plant (70t/day) in the city of Consolacion, Philippines (Subsidy from Ministry of Environment, 2017)
    ・Waste processing investigation of Bangalore, India (Business consignment from Ministry of Environment, collaborative investigation 2015)
    ・FS investigation of plastic waste recycling in Gujarat states, India (JICA, external human capital, 2017)
    ・Fiji JETRO infra-system export on-site investigation and information promotion, 2019
    ・FS on proper treatment of medical and infectious wastes by on-site sterilization and recycling of detoxified waste plastics in Cebu metropolitan area, Philippines.(Ministry of the Environment, Overseas Development of Japanese Recycling Industry Project, 2020)
    ・FS on biochar and feed production using food wastes in the Philippines(JICA,2022)
    Plastic recycling business in Philippines
    Guun has a track record of creating a waste management and recycling system from scratch with Local Government Unit (LGU) and realizes environmental improvement by appropriate proposal which based on the current situation and local needs. The plant is accepting and recycling 500t/month of plastic waste from Mandaue city and Marine Plastic which collected from all over Philippines.
    [Technology features / Advantages]
    -Lower CO2 emissions by 17% compared to coal.
    -One third of CO2 emissions and electricity usage in comparison with production of RPF
    -High heat value: 6,500 ~8,000kcal/kg
    -Contribution to local job creation by hiring waste-pickers
  • SYUNJU-SYOUJI Corporation

    Business about treatment, collection, transportation, disposal, and recycling of general and industrial waste. Recycling waste and selling deliverables. General item distribution.
    With actual achievement and trust about collection and logistics built in 50 years from April 1971, selecting, and utilizing appropriate vehicles according to the type and shape of waste. Gained trust in the collection and transportation business consigned from Yokohama City. In addition, our Tsuzuki Intermediate Treatment and Recycling Center deal with all procedures about producing and selling quality solid fuel from waste plastics, fiber waste, wood waste, etc. that were difficult to separate.
    Allocated staff to Bangkok, Thailand on November 22nd- 26th and 2015 & January 17th – 21st, 2016. Experience sharing and advisory to Bangkok officials for waste treatment and transport.
  • J&T RECYCLING Corporation

    • Integrated recycling business
    • Solution providence (waste recycling integrated management)
    • Integrated logistics
    All waste recycling from liquid, solid, plastic to fluorescent light, contributing tremendously to the recycling sector (Food disposal, PCB, liquid waste, sludge, fluorescent light, batteries recycle, incineration, electricity supply, plastic waste recycle, plastic bottle recycle, household appliances metal recycle, confidential media, etc.)
    Thermal treatment incineration, cement solidification and secure landfill for safe treatment and disposal of hazardous waste liquids/solids, waste oils, medical wastes and various other types of industrial hazardous waste in Malaysia (Start operation from July 2022)
    Hazardous Waste Treatment
    -Detoxification/neutralization and recycling of hazardous liquid waste (high concentrated waste acid, waste alkali, and sludge containing hazardous substances)
    -Fluorescent lamp recycling (safe recovery of mercury and recycling of valuable resources) -Recycling/treating PCB and waste home appliances (E-waste)
    -Dry cell and battery recycling (Detoxification/neutralization and recycling)

    [Technology features / advantages]
    -Collection and detoxification of hazardous substances
    -Recycling of high value-added materials by the state-of-art separation and recovery technologies (metals and plastics.)
    -Waste volume minimization by maximizing resource recovery.
  • Shonan Trading. Co., Ltd.

    A trading company aims to introduce unique installation and the newest technologies mainly from Europe for soft packing installations (inflation installation & biaxial stretching device) and plastic recycle. As for plastic cannot be used in material recycle, it develops chemical recycle (making oil) and summary recycle (boiler) technologies domestically in Japan. It also supports sales and commercialization of recycle materials.
    Introducing over 350 EREMA plastic regenerators to Japan.
    Running oil-making device and huge convertors without problems for over 15 years.
    We also have projects such as creating black board eraser grips with PET bottle caps collected in Hokkaido so people can easily understand plastic recycling and have a small, portable injection machine that we can take to places like elementary schools to offer real demonstrations.
    Soft packing installations, plastic regenerator in many overseas countries.
    Technology・Service Name : Chemical Recycling
    Feature 1 : By using an EREMA recycling machine to the loading machine it is possible to load film as is. Also, by loading melted (heated) material into the pyrolysis chamber production efficiency is increased.
    Feature 2 : By using 1 loader and 2 pyrolysis chambers with a diverter valve, the chambers can be switched and continuous operation can be achieved.(1 chamber operating, 1 chamber cleaning)
    Feature 3 : Oil quality is stabilized with a unique reaction tower.
  • Maruchu Kenkou Co., Ltd.

    Road pavement, road cutting construction, industrial waste processing, distribution, sewage, road & park machinery cleaning, marine investigation [new business]
    We are specialized in road repairment, outdoor cleaning, waste disposal, and recycling. We also contribute by differentiating ourselves from other firms with special machines and technologies- we have the know-how and experience that is useful for developing countries and Southeast Asia, where the economy is growing remarkably these days.

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