Energy Saving and Smart Energy Management

Energy Saving and Smart Energy Management
  • Osumi Co., Ltd.

    Environmental measurements & analysis
    • Analysis (water quality, soil, underground water, etc.)
    • Measurement (gas emission, work environment, etc.)
    • Investigation (noise, vibration, environment assessment, etc.)
    • Energy saving diagnosis (factories, buildings, hotels, etc.)
    • Overseas business (ODA business involvement, etc.)
    • Material analysis (raw materials, combination, ingredient investigation, etc.)
    • Environment consultation, radioactivity analysis
    Various environment measurements-
    Water texture analysis, material, product analysis, YUARABO-R
    Factories, construction environment, environment investigation, noise, vibration measurement
    Natural environment investigation, soil pollution investigation
    Asbestos investigation, indoor air quality measurement
    Work environment measurement, smoke, gas emission measurement Stink & smell investigation, radiation rate & radioactivity measurement,
    Global warming preventative measures
    • Osumi opened a representative office in Da Nang in 2018 and we established a local subsidiary, Osumi Vietnam Co in 2020.In addition to a permanent office manager, Japanese engineers in charge of the technology visit Da Nang on an irregular basis to advance the business. In addition, it employs two Vietnamese engineers and is developing business not only in Da Nang but also in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
    • Energy saving diagnosis technologies, promotion, and demonstration projects using JICA, Vietnam simple assessment (2017)
    • Energy saving strategies proposals, environmental education promotion investigation using JICA, Vietnam simple assessment (2014)
    • Feasibility test of Ministry of Environment, Mongolia, JEC/BOCM(2013), and others (
  • Machimirai Production House

    We plan, launch, and operate businesses utilizing local resources (nature, funds, energy, people, wisdom) throughout Japan, and we support regional revitalization.
    Solution examples)
    • Support for launching regional new electric power (RE100, regional economic circulation), management consulting
    • Regional revitalization model “Good Around” through intercity distribution of renewable energy
    We have conducted a demonstration project with Yokohama City as of Dec 2020.
    • Resident and cafe exchange utilizing vacant houses
    Renovation project in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture
    Yamanaka Onsen LOBBY
    Offering “City Future Electricity Standard” and ” City Future Electricity x Zero Carbon Yokohama”, with an aim to bridge up Yokohama and countryside cities.

    Please refer to our website for more information about “City Future Electricity”.

    Also many other domestic achievements such as establishing new power supplies in rural areas.
  • Macnica, Inc

    Import/export, sales, development, processing, of electronic components such as semi-conductors and integrated circuits; development, import/export, sales or electronic devices and other components, as well as other smart city focus domains for the effective use of energy. Also deal with the newest products for the control and management of energy.
    Visualizing energy, analysis, demand simulation, and solution providence for the optimization of energy saving domain, high-tech LED devices, radiant A/C, heat-proof system.
    emi-conductor revenue in Japan- No.1
    Semi-conductor revenue in world- No.5
    With business over 70 countries and regions in world, we have a global network.Our Macnica brand is well recognized by many electronic firms with next-generation technologies. We started up in Silicon Valley in CA, US as a semi-conductor and network device maker. When aiming to develop in the Japan market, Macnica is a definite choice. We have partnered since a very early stage with corporates with overseas electronics and information, communication technologies, and we have a system in place to introduce and develop cutting-edge products regularly. We started providing cutting-edge services that are also used in Silicon Valley in the energy control field.
  • Syuusei Co., Ltd.

    All businesses related to civil engineering construction work
    All businesses related to solar energy
    Real estate
    We have over 50 years’ experience in civil engineering and various local achievements. Also, we are able to provide streamlined service for solar energy-related business. In recent year, we have established container business to cope with demands about residences and cafes in many prefectures in Japan.
    Planning solar energy EPC overseas development *Thailand, Myanmar, etc.)

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