Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Risk Reduction

    By integrating professinal digital radio systems, telematics solutions, and AI / IoT solutions, we provide a robust system that contributes to disaster prevention and mitigation using voice, data, and video.
    Fields of use: Disaster prediction> Detection> Evacuation> Rescue (cooperation with firefighting, emergency, police)> Reconstruction
    Target users: Citizens, government officials, police, first aid, fire department, etc.
    As a partner that solves customer’s problems by fusing the technology and experience cultivated over time by its predecessors JVC (Since 1927) and Kenwood (Since 1946), there are many delivery records in domestic government offices.
    We have sales companies in major countries around the world. Through our affiliated agency network, we provide equipment and services all over the world.
    The sales ratio by region is as follows. (FY2017)

    ・Japan: 41%
    ・Americas: 25%
    ・Europe: 18%
    ・ Asia: 14%
    ・Others: 2%


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