Wastewater treatment plant for urbanized cities

JFE Engineering Corporation (City of Yokohama, Tsurumi Ward)

1 Business

Construction of large-scale wastewater treatment plants

2 Countries/regions (cities, etc.)

Vietnam (Hanoi)

3 Contribution to SDGs

4 Project Results

JFE Engineering Corporation has been contracted by Hanoi, Vietnam to build the city’s largest wastewater treatment plant in Yen Xa (Yen Xa wastewater treatment plant). It aims to complete it in 2022. This project will build a wastewater treatment facility with a treatment capacity of 270,000 m3/day (equivalent to a population of 900,000 people) that combines advanced treatment processes to efficiently remove nitrogen and phosphorus. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will provide an international yen loan to fund the construction.

JFE Engineering also built the Hoa Lac wastewater treatment plant (treated water volume: 36,000 m3/day), also in Hanoi. Its continued employment of local staff with experience from the Hoa Lac wastewater treatment plant, in addition to its technical capacity of project execution on a full turnkey basis from design to construction, led to JFE Engineering being selected for this latest project.

  1. Client: Hanoi, Vietnam
  2. Location: Thanh Tri District, Hanoi
  3. Scope: Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant
  4. Completion: End of 2022 (planned)

Meanwhile, the City of Yokohama has been implementing the following capacity development program with Hanoi City

  • In 2007, Yokohama signed a partner city agreement to solve urban issues such as those related to urban environments, and in fiscal 2011, JICA conducted technical training for senior employees of Hanoi Sewerage and Drainage One-Member State Company Limited and others as part of JICA’s preparatory study on construction project for the Yen Xa wastewater treatment plant in Hanoi.
  • JICA Partnership Program “Capacity Building for Management of Sewage Works in Hanoi” was implemented from February 2014 to December 2016.
    JFE Engineering is promoting a variety of technical cooperation in sewerage in partnership with member companies of the Yokohama Water Business Association, building deep trust with Hanoi’s sewerage stakeholders.
  • In response to Hanoi’s request for continued technical cooperation with the City of Yokohama, the JICA Partnership Program “Capacity Building for Management of Sewage Works in Hanoi (Phase 2)” was implemented by the City of Yokohama’s Environmental Planning Bureau from December 2017 to March 2021 (planned), promoting Yokohama’s technology to Vietnam’s local governments and related ministries.
    * Yokohama Water Business Association: As part of the Y-PORT project, the council consists of the City of Yokohama, member companies, organizations, and other parties aiming to vitalize Yokohama’s economy by solving problems related to the water environment in emerging economies and expanding business opportunities of Yokohama companies.